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Aug 23
Sustainable, healthy and safe mobility

The annual theme of the European Mobility Week 2021 is “Sustainable, healthy and safe mobility”. A nod to the setbacks during the COVID-19 pandemic, but also to the opportunities for change that arise in a crisis.. European Mobility Week 2021 will take place from 16 to 22 September and, without neglecting the reduction of emissions, […]

Jul 22
Paris will prohibit access to vehicles in about 185 schools

One more measure adopted by the consistory to adapt to the new sustainable mobility policy. Paris is already preparing for the start of the school year with sustainability in mind, according to a recent article in “Le Parisien”. It is a tactical measure to adapt schools to sustainable mobility. This measure aims: Giving eduction centers […]

Jul 22
A more equitable distribution of urban space to improve cities

Cities by People (Jan Gehl), one of the masterpieces of sustainable mobility suggests that if we improve the urban space, we will improve our quality of life. The pandemic has made cities rethink towards a more balanced future, reconfiguring more open urban spaces, being more inclusive and, above all, people-focused. Thus a new idea was […]

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Jun 04
European Bicycle Master Plan

Adopting the first pan-European plan for cycling promotion, with a triple benefit to our societies: boosting local economy, increasing people’s health and protecting actively the climate. This European Bicycle Master Plan is a boost in promoting one of the most sustainable, inclusive, safe and healthy means of mobility: cycling. Regional and local authorities are the […]

Mar 16
Tactical tarmac recovery in Barcelona

The Ciudad Condal is recovering the asphalt for pedestrians and bicycles with the help of paint and mobile elements. Certain measures have been taken in recent years to make the city cycling- and pedestrian-friendly, and reduce car traffic. Based on tactical urbanism to change the city structures. A larger number of mega blocks, maximum speed […]

Mar 05
Claiming women’s cycling mobility

Cycling Friendly Mobility is committed to inclusive urban cycling without gender barriers. Analysis of the gender-cycling-gap in female bike use. Social revolution and the bicycle. In the late 19th century, the two-wheeler paved the way and meant en emblem of freedom and time changing power, meanstream in women’s rights and lives. A real Gender Equality […]

Mar 02
Why a Sustainable Mobility Plan for Companies.

A sustainable mobility plan for companies consists of developing a range of actions to encourage the use of more sustainable and efficient means of transport. Labor mobility plays a key role in many companies today. The need to act against the climate crisis and to reduce the negative consequences of unsustainable mobility is becoming increasingly […]

Feb 06
The main Cycling Friendly cities in 2020. Which will be:

A Danish research achieves comparative studies of cycling cities and compiles a worldwide ranking. The Danish company “Copenhaguenize“ produces an annual report of the most Cycling Friendly cities. In doing so, it awards points for the efforts that cities make year after year. The key pointsare: Modernizing public areas and opening them up to bicycles. […]

Dec 10
The bicycle mayors.

A large number of urban cyclists endeavor to increase distribution and higher bike profiles in their city. Ready to own a bicycle mayor for 2020 or 2021? More European cities every day and open up to people worldwide, being cycling friendly. Figure created to focus on emotional marketing, striving to convince the population why to […]

Nov 20
Will the bike be our symbol as a country?

In Denmark, the Netherlands and Belgium, the bike is already a symbol. ¿Cómo una cosa tan simple como es la bicicleta hace que se haya convertido en todo un símbolo y un medio de transporte en los países del norte? Y es que en Dinamarca, Países Bajos y Bélgica no hace calor ni hay muchas […]

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