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Jul 15
Iberostar develops its Sustainable Transport to Work Plan

We are pleased that the Iberostar Group is committed to a much greener, more efficient and safer mobility, even anticipating the implementation of the new Sustainable Mobility Law. A few months ago, the companies Mobility by Cycling Friendly and Iberostar started a common way to improve the daily mobility of their employees through a Sustainable […]

Jul 22
A more equitable distribution of urban space to improve cities

Cities by People (Jan Gehl), one of the masterpieces of sustainable mobility suggests that if we improve the urban space, we will improve our quality of life. The pandemic has made cities rethink towards a more balanced future, reconfiguring more open urban spaces, being more inclusive and, above all, people-focused. Thus a new idea was […]

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Jul 22
Benefits of Cycling to the Hospital

One of the challenges for 2021 is to improve mobility by cycling to the hospital. Hospitals are one of the essentials in cities that are visited by thousands of citizens every day and often host the highest traffic. According to urban viewpoints, they are located on the city outskirts because of their large urban area. […]

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Jul 08
The function of a cycling center in a workplace.

At Mobility by Cycling Friendly, we specialize in adapting infrastructure focused on bicycles, creating comfortable and safe places to commute to your workplace by cycling. Are you a cycling-friendly company committed to promoting sustainable mobility at work enabling employees to commute by cycling or are you one of the employees who is daily commuting to […]

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Jun 23
EURESVA will install a Bike Station over 100 parking spaces in a new business building in Valencia

The developer EURESVA and Cycling Friendly Mobility have reached a facility installation agreement of a Bike Stationin the CV15 building. The building, currently under construction, will be located at Avda. Cortes Valencianas Nº15, of the city of Valencia. The agreement was reached on February 4, although since mid-2020 both parties have laid the foundation for […]

Jun 03
The importance of sustainable mobility planning

A Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan is a strategic plan to satisfy the mobility needs of people, cities and their surroundings to achieve a better quality of social, environmental and economic life. Why is the development of a Sustainable Mobility Plan (SUMP) key role? What is its purpose? SUMPs or Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans are people-friendly […]

Apr 09
Right to sustainable mobility

The right to move to our workplace in a sustainable and safe way is a citizen’s right. Mobility is not a free individual act but a collective daily need. If we have a constitutional right to work, the right“to arrive” must also be guaranteed. To enjoy this right, it is necessary to have access to […]

Feb 02
Are we facing a cycling BOOM in the cities?

The cycling boom exists. Google has tracked the number of requests for cycling routes around the world between February and June 2020 via Google Maps, so in the middle of the pandemic. According to data published by the European Cyclists Federation(ECF), there is an increase of 69% compared to the same section last year. Sometimes […]

Jan 10
The movement “En Bici Al Trabajo” emerges!

The # EnBiciAlTrabajo movement emerges with the goal of now more than ever claiming the rightto infrastructures that allow us to move around cycling every day, especially to work. A small gesture that helps with social change! A small gesture, such as using this framework in our social media profiles (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, …), will […]

Jan 05
Are the cyclists the new Kings of the city?

If we have to ask for a gift, just one, in a day of illusion like this. Then we ask for mobility by bicycle! We don’t want to understate other priorities: health, love, money… but this year we mainly focus on health. But when it comes to requests, let’s ask for something that excites us: […]

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