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Jun 30
Find out the traffic index in Spain 2021

Según el índice de tráfico publicado por TomTom, las ciudades han vuelto a niveles de tráfico previos a la pandemia. Tomtom no solo nos ayuda a movernos por el mundo gracias a la gran base de datos que dispone en la actualidad. Más allá de ser un simple GPS y gracias a los datos móviles, […]

Apr 21
We join the bike effect with the Cycling 2 Work campaign

Starting May 1, Cycling Friendly employees will have more facilities biking to work. It’s said that we are defined not so much by what we say as by what we do. Words can often be empty if they are not matched by deeds. And that is why we wanted to go a step further and […]

Jul 20
Grants purchase bicycle or e-scooter

There are grants to purchase a bicycle or e-scooter. Honestly, it’s one step less than we would like, but it’s a start. In previous news, we have already emphasized that bicycle sales have boomed in our cities. And the e-models in particular have experienced the biggest increases. The e-bike plays and will play a key […]

Jun 07
Bike boom!

Bike sales increased by 24.1% in 2020, reaching a record number of 1,565,233 units sold. The overall turnover of the industry has grown by 39.39%, reaching the figure of 2,607.38M. Actually, there has been a bike boom. And we couldn’t be more pleased. These are the latest industry statisticsrecently published by the Association of Brands […]

Apr 23
The efficiency of cycling mobility

The bicycle is the most efficient vehicle over medium range distances up to 10Km. But what do we mean by efficiency? Efficiencyis the ability to achieve goals. So, any commuting vehicle is effective, right? A car, a bus, a bicycle are effective transport modes. Efficiency is the ability of using well/productive resources to achieve goals. […]

Apr 20
Basic bike maintenance

Keeping your bike in a tip-top shape is more important than it sounds. The bikeis your everyday vehicle. A vehicle recommended by the WHO. Preventive maintenance planning to keep your bike in optimal conditions. Compromising on comfort and security. Anyway, you will avoid possible breakdowns and prevent getting stranded. A chore when it comes to […]

Mar 16
Son Espases hospital is committed to sustainable mobility and healthy lifestyle habits

Son Espases improves its bicycle parking facilities with Cycling Friendly Mobility How much we should thank all health care workers for all they’re doing during this pandemic, shouldn’t we? They have saved countless human lives, working unlimited hours and overtime for months, taking risks at the most critical moments. In advance, thank you so much. […]

Nov 20
Will the bike be our symbol as a country?

In Denmark, the Netherlands and Belgium, the bike is already a symbol. ¿Cómo una cosa tan simple como es la bicicleta hace que se haya convertido en todo un símbolo y un medio de transporte en los países del norte? Y es que en Dinamarca, Países Bajos y Bélgica no hace calor ni hay muchas […]

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Jul 29
Vehicles to promote sustainable mobility

There is a wide range of vehicles to promote more sustainable mobility, environmentally conscious and helping to reduce CO2 emissions. Here we propose several alternatives: Bikes The only vehicle without CO2 emissions is without a doubt one of the keys to the future mobility … and the present. The bicycle is not only sustainable, but […]

Jun 15
How to get the aid of € 250 to buy your new bike? (Valencian Community)

As the portal notes, the Ministry of Mobility will soon publish the shops in which it is possible to make purchases at a discount, exclusively for residents of the Valencian Community When? Starting next Monday, June 22, the citizens of the Valencian Community will be able to benefit from great discounts on the purchase […]

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