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Jun 30
Find out how to set up a Cycling Center in your workplace.

Do you want your own employee Cycling Center in your company, but don’t know where to get started? We’re here to help. Every day we see more workers in the early morning hours commuting non-stop along thedifferent bike lanes in Spanish cities, and since we started we haven’t stopped. How to? At Mobility By Cycling […]

Oct 14
Don Cicleto includes the Mobility by Cycling Friendly label to his Bicihangar Rocket

Las empresas Don Cicleto y Mobility Friendly, unen fuerzas para transformar las ciudades de toda la geografía española. Un acuerdo pionero para que los usuarios de bicicletas y VMP puedan dejar su bicicleta de una forma más segura. El Bicihangar Rocket, producto estrella de la companía de Don Cicleto que ya está instalado en diferentes puntos de la ciudad de […]

Sep 13
Santander Bike Parking: smart and safe parking to leave the bike

Un modelo atractivo que entra dentro de las subvenciones para mejorar la infraestuctura ciclista de tu ciudad. Somos distribuidores de uno de los aparcamientos mejor valorados por todos los usuarios. Desde Mobility Friendly, te damos a conocer el modelo Santander para que pongas uno en tu ciudad. Si realmente eres un ayuntamiento que quiere innovar […]

Aug 17
Two tier bike racks, a successful mobility solution.

The number of work centers that are opting for two-tier bike racks is growing. In 2020, bicycle sales increased by 24% and a total of 1.5 million bicycles were sold in Spain, according tothe latest data from AMBE(Association of Brands and Bicycles of Spain). The pandemic has not only changed the way of commuting but […]

Aug 09
Commitment to the car

Mobility by Cycling Friendly is committed to the car-bike rack to promote sustainable mobility. Let it not be said that because we are pro-bike we are anti-car. Nothing could be further from the truth. We love cars, their functionality and versatility. So we present ours. How about? It’s really cool! Land consumption The car owns […]

Jul 08
The function of a cycling center in a workplace.

At Mobility by Cycling Friendly, we specialize in adapting infrastructure focused on bicycles, creating comfortable and safe places to commute to your workplace by cycling. Are you a cycling-friendly company committed to promoting sustainable mobility at work enabling employees to commute by cycling or are you one of the employees who is daily commuting to […]

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Jun 24
Bike rack design

There are a multitude of bike rack models. Each one different according to the type of use functions. Different variables must be taken into account in the design of bike racks. All important. Let us comment on a few of them. SAFETY is possibly key role. Design, anchorageand location should be suitable to prevent theft […]

Sep 22
Mallorca Fashion Outlet creates a safe bicycle parking facility

Presentation in Mallorca Fashion Outlet of the new secure parking facilities and bicycle repair station created byCycling Friendly Mobility. Framed in the new Sustainable Mobility Planthat has been developed for the shopping center. The event was attended by the group’s Marketing Manager Via Outlets, Jorge Pérez de Zabalza, head of Tourism, Carlota Rivero, Mayor of […]

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