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Feb 22
Cycling and urban congestion

Bicycles are an excellent urban vehicle. A more sustainable and friendlier mobility model. However, some opponents point to possible effects of urban traffic congestion due to the mentioned shared streets or “cyclo streets” and the consequence of a lower traffic speed. Bicycles do not slow down the car significantly in cities; urban low-speed and – […]

Apr 10
7 Sustainable Mobility key points to Work

“Sustainable Mobility is the ability to meet society’s need to move freely, gain access, communicate, trade and establish relationships without sacrificing other essential human or ecological values, today or in the future”. (World Business Council for Sustainable Development – WBCSD) Sustainable keys: 1. The urban design of the past decades and the functional segregated view […]

Apr 09
Right to sustainable mobility

The right to move to our workplace in a sustainable and safe way is a citizen’s right. Mobility is not a free individual act but a collective daily need. If we have a constitutional right to work, the right“to arrive” must also be guaranteed. To enjoy this right, it is necessary to have access to […]

Apr 06
Why not cycling to work?

The bicycle is considered one of the greatest inventions in history and also the most environmentally-friendly to move around. However, there are many excuses, too often used, to avoid cycling, be it commuting to work, running errands, or getting in shape. In 1966 the Dutchman Rudi Herzog cycled to work every morning. Rain, snow or […]

Feb 23
The Cycling Friendly Mobility Goal

Why Cycling Friendly Mobility? What’s the goal? Why Sustainable Mobility? Why cycling? The answer to these questions is clear; the planet is reaching its limit. Global warmingis constant and has even accelerated over the past decade The loss of biodiversity has been precipitated and we have reached the limit of natural overcapacity. Take urgent steps […]

Feb 09
Pollution cost

The Spanish air pollution cost is € 926 per inhabitant per year. Conclusion of a research published by the European Health Alliance Association, considering the factors involved, including health expenditure of people affected by air pollution-related diseases. The European average per citizen is € 1250 per year Air pollution comes at a cost and is […]

Jan 26
Cycling Friendly Mobility in Summit 2021

Cycling Friendly Mobility takes part as a speaker at the Summit 2021 organized by Companies based on Sustainable Mobility. Under the slogan ‘Promoting Sustainable Mobility from Companies’, Cycling Friendly is collaborating in the Summit 2021. A meeting forum for professionals that aims to promote sustainable mobility, contributing to the2030 Agenda and sustainable growth from an […]

Jan 18
¡Bicicletol: the best medicine against climate change!

The Cycling Friendly Mobilitylab has developed Bicicletol, the best medicineagainst theClimate Change pandemic As Greenpeace rightly says, it is an alarming pandemic, but without a state of alarm. The long-awaited cureis now available. Climate change medicine has been extensively tested at all stages and has passed the approval of all global and world agencies. The […]

Dec 28
CF Mobility Social Commitment

At Cycling Friendly Mobility, we adhere to our commitment. We do it out of conviction, for social benefits, it is our vision of improving the world. At Christmas, this social commitment takes on a special meaning. It is time for solidarity, to contribute “one bit more” to those who need it most with our grain […]

Dec 27
“Cycling everywhere” New Year’s duty

For the new year ahead, we must honour our duty, a New Year’s intention, the benefit to pedal everywhere. And this must be a duty because the planet can’t wait any longer. January is the best month to propose new goals. With the new beginning of the year, we feel like we have a blank […]

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