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Aug 24
What is the financial fine for walking on the cycle lane?

We often see pedestrians walking the cycle lane, obstructing the passage and sometimes causing avoidable accidents, but do we really know how much it costs to walk on the cycle lane? Walking on the cycle lane has an economic fineof about € 200. It depends on every city council as they have the authority to […]

Jul 30
Increase cycling mobility in tourist areas.

The main tourist areas of the country are committed to mobility by bicycle. Asturias, Formentera and Galicia in the avant-garde. Did you know that Marie Curie and her husband Pierre got married in 1895 and decided to use their cousin’s money to buy bicycles and explore the spectacular landscapes of French Brittany? A bicycle in […]

May 28
One third of Spanish society is considering cycling to work!

Spanish society is starting to consider new ways of travelling and cycling to work is one of the options considered by 1 in 3 Spaniards. The bicycle has been voted one of the safest means of transport to prevent the spread of COVID19, according to a recent study by Tuvalum.com, according to 9 in 10 […]

May 18
Make temporary cycle lanes … permanent

Ecologists and associations that promote bicycle use require municipalities to use temporary cycle lanes. How to exit confinement? Large cities are already preparing temporary cycle lanes to prevent infection and to focus on sustainable mobility. Many European countries are promoting the use of bicycles in cities and are preparing special measures for sustainable mobility. Encourage […]

May 18
Discover the “New Normal” in Gran Canaria

The social distance measures in the ‘new normal’ motivate us to rethink the way we move, in which the bicycle plays a very important role. Reducing public transport and achieving more space tosustainable transportare the key ingredients. The confinement shows the reduction of pollution; in the Canary Islands even a reduction up to 70%, but […]

Apr 27
New York boosts the bicycle in the middle of Covid-19

New York City has observed an increase in bicycle use as a means of transportation since the beginning of the coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak. The bicycle: the safest means against Covid-19 Most New Yorkers have not used public transport such as buses or subways anymore since the virus outbreak to avoid spreading. There is behavioural change […]

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