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Jul 26
The bicycle as a source of health and lifestyle.

Towards sustainable mobility: Bicycles and Bicycle Master Plans as pillars of change In the quest for a healthier and more environmentally friendly lifestyle, the bicycle has gained prominence as a sustainable mobility option and a source of physical and mental well-being. More and more cities are betting on promoting the use of bicycles as a […]

Jul 15
The Tour de France as inspiration for sustainable mobility

Under the banner “Riding into the Future” (translated into English as <{{{wpml_tag_1}}}>), the Tour de France aims to inspire everyone to integrate cycling into their lives by making a full commitment to cycling mobility. This initiative aims to generate a positive impact by encouraging everyone (tour followers or not) to incorporate cycling into their daily […]

Jun 30
Find out the traffic index in Spain 2021

Según el índice de tráfico publicado por TomTom, las ciudades han vuelto a niveles de tráfico previos a la pandemia. Tomtom no solo nos ayuda a movernos por el mundo gracias a la gran base de datos que dispone en la actualidad. Más allá de ser un simple GPS y gracias a los datos móviles, […]

Jun 26
Female drivers in public transport

New mobility is also created by fighting the existing gender gap, and one of its forms is by promoting the growth of female drivers in public transport. Mobility is undergoing important changes towards more sustainable ways of commuting. The pedestrianization of streets, the increase in kilometers of cycle lanes, the expansion of bus and train […]

May 19
5 reasons to implement a Transportation to Work Plan

A Transportation to Work plan should be on the roadmap of most companies. Here are the reasons why. Currently, the bulk of daily commuting is to the workplace. These same journeys in many cases produce peak traffic, traffic jams, road accidents… but until now, any company action has always been unlinked. However, a company cannot […]

Apr 13
Sustainable Mobility Law, Sustainable Mobility Plans and Sustainable Transportation to Work Plans: Things to know

The future Sustainable Mobility Law establishes which public and private bodies must have Sustainable Mobility Plans and Sustainable Transportation to Work Plans. MITMA recently presented the basic guidelines on which the future Sustainable Mobility Law will be governed. This law will establish a series of new obligations for both public administrations and companies of a […]

Apr 07
The cathedral of the bicycle: a bicycle parking with 12,500 places

¿Os imagináis encontraros en pleno centro de la ciudad con un parking de bicicletas con capacidad para más de 12.000 plazas? Existe, y es un ejemplo a seguir. Que la movilidad sostenible está en boca de muchos no es noticia. Que cada vez se toman más medidas en pro de una movilidad más saludable, también. […]

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Mar 24
EURESVA introduces the bicycle parking of the CV 15 building in Valencia

The building, which meets the highest standards of accessibility, sustainability and efficiency, houses a bike parking with capacity for more than 100 bicycles. The developer EURESVA has announced the bicycle parking of the CV15 Building. Located in Avda. Cortes Valencianas and the work of the prestigious architect César Azcárate Gómez, under the project management of […]

Mar 23
Luis Vélez: “Valladolid wants to be a friendly, liveable city where we can enjoy good air quality”

We interviewedLuis Vélez, Councillor for Mobility and Urban Space of Valladolid City Council, a city that has made a strong commitment to sustainable mobility. Last year the Valladolid Green City project won the award of the Ministry of Ecological Transition during the European Mobility Week. What kind of city does Valladolid dream of in terms […]

Mar 22
Mobility by Cycling Friendly, at the 2022 Summit Sustainable Mobility Companies

El Summit 2022 de Empresas por la Movilidad Sostenible ha contado con la participación de Mobility Friendly junto con otras empresas, y ha contado con la presencia de la secretaria general de Transportes y Movilidad, María José Rallo. En Mobility Friendly no podíamos faltar a la cita con el Summit 2022 organizado por Empresas por […]

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