Residents of Madrid receive a grant of up to € 500 to buy a bicycle!

Great news comes from the capital! Following the example of the Valencian Community, the Community of Madridhas announced that it will grant all residents of Madrid who purchase one of these transports a 50% aid for scooters, bicycles, mopeds and electric motorcycles.

Although there will be a limit. The maximum support for scooters is 150 euros and 500 euros for the purchase of a bicycle.

AsPaloma Martín, the regional minister of the Environment, Planning and Sustainability of the Community of Madrid, announced yesterday.

It would be one of the recovery measures after the coronavirus crisis announced by the regional government to encourage the purchase of other electric vehicles. These aids will be detailed in an order that will be published in approximately two months.

From Cycling Friendly Mobility We welcome this kind of action and we hope that soon all Spaniards will be able to enjoy facilities when purchasing their new bike or VMP, fighting climate change together and more on a day like today when we celebrate World Environment Day #WeRideAgainstClimateChange


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