Right to sustainable mobility

The right to move to our workplace in a sustainable and safe way is a citizen’s right. Mobility is not a free individual act but a collective daily need. If we have a constitutional right to work, the right“to arrive” must also be guaranteed.

To enjoy this right, it is necessary to have access to a network of means of transport that is sustainable, safe, healthy, efficient and balanced.

And that requires more than infrastructure and parking facilities for the private motorized vehicle.

In this sense, the diversity of individual situations must be taken into account when shaping the mobility policy for employees. Also promote these more sustainable, safe and efficient modes.

In addition, any situation of social exclusion must be avoided, whether due to gender, age or socio-cultural profile.

By encouraging walking and cyclinghelps reduce the nuisance caused by motorized traffic. But also contribute to a lifestyle that improves physical and mental fitness.

To promote cycling, the safety of the cyclist is of paramount importance, it is necessary that cyclists experience safety, both during mobility and when parking at the entrance or within the company.

Employees should have a bike storage facilities, changing rooms or a bike fleet, to promote mobility and perform during their working day.

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