Safe Route to School

From Mobility Friendly we work together with institutions to promote the use of the bicycle as a leading means of transport in the new Sustainable Urban Mobility.

STARS-based mobility studies

Our school mobility studies are based on the European project STARS Sustainable Travel Accreditation and Recognition for Schools, which aims to encourage and reward schools that promote sustainable and safe active commuting.

Raising school awareness

Some of our projects

We develop our mobility studies in detail to lay the foundation for a new, more sustainable, healthier and safer mobility.

Many companies and institutions already rely on our mobility studies.

Talk to our experts and we will help you plan your mobility study.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the benefits of implementing safe school routes for children?
    There are many benefits: 1. Change of commuting behavior to more sustainable modalities: walking, cycling or public transport. 2. Reduces the number of motor vehicles, which lowers excessive polluting emissions and noise, to the benefit of the environment, restoring public spaces and children's road safety. 3. Promoting the development of daily physical activity, reducing the risk of obesity and improving healthy habits. 4. It encourages children to take back the street and go to school alone or with their friends. This promotes self-esteem, socialization and autonomy of the youngest.
  • Does the implementation of safe school routes imply the need for horizontal or vertical markings or signage?
    No, with a few exceptions, the school road does not require additional signage. However, a series of collection stops can be set along the route that indicate where the road runs, making it visible. In addition, participants and those responsible for the school route must be identified with a sign to help make it visible.
  • At what educational stages are safe school routes aimed?
    Although this initiative is more aimed at ages between 8 and 11, it is really an action designed to allow children of all ages to participate, from children under 6 years in nursery school to high school students. Depending on the age range, the school route will vary its characteristics.
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