Santander Bike Parking: smart and safe parking to leave the bike

An attractive model within the subsidies to improve the cycling infrastructure of your city.

We are distributors of one of the most highly rated parking facilities by all users.

From Mobility By Cycling Friendly, we would like to introduce you to the Santander model so that you can install one in your city.

If you are a city council that really wants to innovateand give a good image to all bicycle users, the Santander model is what you are looking for.

If you are really passionate about cycling and you want to cycle around your city, in addition to arrange a safe, intelligent parking, the “Santander” model is perfect.

What are the characteristics of the Santander bike parking model?

The Santander model has different modules, from a minimum of 7 bicycles to 20 bicycles.

Its dimensions range from 3.2 m X 2.4 m and 1.5 m to 7.85 m long (it can replace up to two private car seats). It is secure bike parking, with access control and security cameras. In addition to allowing recharging as a bicycle recharging center.

And most importantly,it does not require civil works since it is installed by anchoring it to the ground. The price is variable depending on the number of modules you want to install.

How does the app work?

Quick and easy to use, in less than a minute you will have your bicycle inside the station:

  1. Download the Green App.
  2. Register your phone and credit card.
  3. Press the bike button.
  4. Select your Santander parking.
  5. Door opening through APP or code.
  6. Park your bike.
  7. Finally close the door with the button.

Finally, the Santander model meets the objectives and recommendations to improve cycling infrastructure in cities, thanks to the fact that it is safe, accessible, attractive and comfortable bike parking for all citizens.

If you have any questions, you can check it out in the Quality Mini-Guide for the development of cycling infrastructure.

Are you interested in bike parking SANTANDER?

Don’t hesitate! Please contactus!


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