Son Espases hospital is committed to sustainable mobility and healthy lifestyle habits

Son Espases improves its bicycle parking facilities with Cycling Friendly Mobility

How much we should thank all health care workers for all they’re doing during this pandemic, shouldn’t we?

They have saved countless human lives, working unlimited hours and overtime for months, taking risks at the most critical moments. In advance, thank you so much.

That’s why we are especially happy to provide the opportunity to commute to their jobs in a more sustainable way.

Last week, we went to the Son Espases University Hospital(Majorca) to improve their bike and personal mobility vehicles parking facilities. Among other things, we have installed differentsolutions:

  • Bike repair and adjustment station.
  • Air pumps.
  • Personal Mobility Vehicles (VMP) / Scooters parking facilities.
  • Signposting of the area.

All these elements can be used by Son Espases employees who want to come to the center in a sustainable way.

The Hospital plans to progress in improving bicycle mobility conditions for employees and visitors.

A clear commitment to sustainable mobilityto improve the quality of life and health of employees and visitors, in addition to other citizens by reducing emissions, pollution and noise levels.

By the way, this improvementmatches the projected bike lane which will connect the Camí del Reis de Palma with the Son Espases Hospital itself. Pedestrian and cyclingway planning parallel to Camí dels Reis, completely segregated from automobile traffic.

One small step for man, one giant step for sustainability.

Cycling Friendly Mobillity and Son Espases University Hospital: #WeRideAgainstClimateChange


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