Sustainable Mobility, a daily routine

Achieving efficient and accessible sustainable mobility is paramount as we face one of the most important challenges following this “Health Crisis”.

Keep our cities free from pollution and adapt them to the new ways of Sustainable Mobility, making them a daily routine.

During the month of April, air pollution decreased by 68% in Madridand 65% in Barcelona.

Situations that not only need to be specific, but we need to make it the usual trend across the country.

Several old habits would be outdated by making Sustainable Mobility a daily routine:

  1. Traffic congestion, a large part of the Spanish citizens spend an average of 17 hours in traffic jams a year. That is why sustainable mobility vehicles (bicycles, e-motorbikes and scooters) are the perfect alternative to save time and money.
  2. Noise pollution is the second cause of death among pollutants, according to the Spanish Acoustic Society (SEA), and is one of the major problems in large cities.
  3. Parking problems, this problem would be history. No further parking problems due to the ease of sustainable mobility vehicles parking facilities.
Sustainable Cycling Mobility
Great benefits in our everyday lives:
  1. Health and exercise, regular cycling or walking lowers high blood pressure, the risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke and certain cancers and diabetes.
  2. Low-emission areas, the current private vehicles in Spain do not have access to low-emission areas (Central Madrid). But micro mobility vehicles have free access and parking options.
  3. Maintenance, fuel and time, for Spanish citizens with a diesel or petrol tank, refueling costs on average about € 1.06 or € 1.16 / l. The costs for the maintenance of combustion vehicles are also significantly higher than those of sustainable mobility vehicles.

Feel like a routine change? Why not join the new mobility?

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