Sustainable Mobility: the big challenge

Air pollution is one of the major urban rivalries to beat. Sustainable urban mobility solutions.

Major city mayors face the same problems and the same challenges: urban mobility. Especially, more sustainable urban mobility options.

Saturation flow, tense coexistence of cars, cyclists and pedestrians … and air pollution. Heavy air pollution loads.

Transport already represents almost a quarter of global CO2 emissions and road transport is responsible for 17.5%.

It cannot be said that we can be very proud about, and probably our lungs do not appreciate it either.

According to research from Harvard University, in collaboration with the University of Birmingham, the University of Leicester and University College London, pollution from fossil fuel emissions(coal, diesel) causes one in five deaths worldwide.

One in five deaths worldwide. Let’s hold our breath and get on with the post.

In Spain, deaths from pollution and air quality in cities record a total of 31,600 deaths per year (2020 EEA Report). And no, it is not a typo.

Let’s end the article here before you all flee in panic to the nearest city, but let’s take a look at the next: noise pollution is also an invisible enemy to beat. Why?

Well, the degree of exposure to environmental noise produced by traffic can affect emotional, psychological and social disorders and cause sleep disturbances.

What should we do to improve our cities?

  • Use more sustainable transport means. We know it’s obvious, but should we stop including?
  • Changing our perspective as a society and actively addressing upcoming challenges facing the climate crisis.
  • Reducing high traffic flow by implementing regulations and standards, even if they may not be popular measures at first (CC: city councils).

We need more sustainable cities. We have the ideas to change them. Now it only takes the courage to get started. For example, Sustainable Mobility Planning in companies’ commuting strategies.



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