The Ciudad Condal is recovering the asphalt for pedestrians and bicycles with the help of paint and mobile elements.

Certain measures have been taken in recent years to make the city cycling- and pedestrian-friendly, and reduce car traffic. Based on tactical urbanism to change the city structures.

A larger number of mega blocks, maximum speed and more bike lanes. The pandemic has accelerated all of these processes by conquering the terraces of the catering establishments on the tarmac.

The key to this change is tactical urbanism, a construction model based on the paint, fences and mobile elements to create new spaces in a minimum of time that traditional work would take a long time.

Tactical urbanism is a technique widely used in all cities of the world (New York, Berlin, Mexico City, etc …). This technique makes it optimal to “play” with urban structures, transforming them into greener and more sustainable cities.

It is an important step forward for bicycle use in Barcelona, as car use is declining sharply and the resulting progress in sustainable mobility. Recently, the city has committed to making Barcelona a great megablock by 2030, with less traffic, public spaces and green axes. One step further towards bicyle use as a daily means of transport to save time and money and improve our health more than ever.

Ready to join the bike challenge? #WeRideAgainstClimateChange

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