Tactical urban planning: quick answer to the use of the bicycle.

“Tactical urbanism” is commonly used expression for the intervention of public space to provide a quick response to transform cities.

A new urban trend is sweeping through major European and Spanish cities to respond quickly to the pandemic we are experiencing.

Homes, workplaces, schools have quickly adapted their spaces to meet the requirements, and the public roads do not want to be less and have decided to adapt in record time, with limited costs and of a lasting nature.

One of the most important measures of tactical city planning is to eliminate parking spaces allocated to the terraces of the bars.

But what does tactical urbanism really offer the cities?

According to the UN, 68% of the world’s population will live in cities by 2050, so coexistence strategies are needed; urban mobility.

Tactical urban planning aims to make city centers more human, healthier and friendlier at a low cost and to create a new emotion for a new urban landscape. The intention is to create new leisure and socialization areas in cities.

Within these strategies, the bicycle will also play an important role in mobility policy.

The intention is to expand the urban space for cyclists with the doubling of cycle lanes by means of horizontal signage and physical boundaries. New bicycle axes that eliminate lanes or parking spaces in benefit of these lanes. Barcelona is a clear example where in 8 days a new cycle lane has been enabled with paint on the ground. Paris could also be another example of tactical urban planning.

This tactical urban design aims to give a new vision of cities by widening sidewalks, traffic calming, creating mega blocks and thus improving public transport in cities.

In short, a great challenge for large cities that want to have more sustainable and open cities.

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