Allianz Partners and Mobility by Cycling Friendly, a Sustainable Mobility connection

Mobility by Cycling Friendly, bicycle mobility experts, organizes an awareness day on the benefits of sustainable mobility applied to personal and work environments for Allianz Partners employees.

Currently, commuting to the workplace is mainly done by private vehicle. In fact, up to 6 out of 10 citizens commute to work by motor vehicle, which is responsible for around 70% of the CO2 emissions released into the atmosphere. This contrasts with the still residual use of the bicycle as a means of transport compared to other EU countries.

The lack of protection, especially in large cities, explains the slow development of the bicycle as a widespread mode of transport. This is shown by Allianz Partners’ latest report on “new mobility”, which shows that up to 40% of bicycle owners want to be able to take out insurance covering them against theft, accidental damage and civil liability.

Following these conclusions and the Insurance and Assistance company’s commitment to offer sustainable solutions in the Mobility environment, Allianz Partners requested the collaboration of Mobility by Cycling Friendly. This organization, focused on promoting new, more sustainable forms of mobility, with special emphasis on promoting cycling, is in charge of developing an awareness day for Allianz Partners employees. The meeting took place in the Madrid town of Arganda del Rey, where Mobility by Cycling Friendly has one of its exclusive stores, and has hosted leisure and awareness-raising activities, including a guided bike ride in the region, a round table on mobility and a basic bicycle mechanics workshop.

Both companies share a strong commitment to mobility, and are members of the Business Platform for Sustainable Mobility, a forum focused on promoting responsible mobility through collaboration between organizations capable of producing the changes needed to meet the challenges facing the sector today.

“At Allianz Partners we understand Mobility as an environment in which all actors must be aware and work together to offer a safe and CO2-free space. The Business Platform for Sustainable Mobility enabled us to find a partner specializing in bicycle mobility, and thanks to Mobility by Cycling Friendly, we can continue to raise awareness among our employees about the importance of offering environmentally friendly alternatives.”, says Borja Díaz, CEO of Allianz Partners Spain.

The CBDO of Mobility by Cycling Friendly Matías Ximelis has valued this awareness action by Allianz Partners, pointing out that “it is essential for companies to participate in the modal change necessary for any progress towards a more sustainable, healthier and safer mobility model.”

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