A large number of urban cyclists endeavor to increase distribution and higher bike profiles in their city.

Ready to own a bicycle mayor for 2020 or 2021?

More European cities every day and open up to people worldwide, being cycling friendly. Figure created to focus on emotional marketing, striving to convince the population why to choose the bicycle as a means of transport in their city.

Hep Monatzeder (1951) El País, was a pioneer bicycle mayor of a European city, Munich in southern Germany, an example to many European cities.

His figure undoubtedly caused a major change in the city of Munich, with an infrastructure of about 1200 kilometers of cycle lanes and a sustainable city symbol in Germany.

Hep acted as public relations for his city, in addition to his fame of a major investment in cycling infrastructure with nice cycling friendly proposals and the reason that the use of the bicycle shot upwards enormously in a few years, from 5% in 2013 to 17% in 2017.

But what is really the role of these mayors?

Todaycycling is completely different and a great benefit to the population, although in the big cities there are many skeptics against cycling. But urban cycling has only benefits: it is not necessary to have a driving license, you do sports, but especially if you are a urban cyclist, you are considered to be a “cool” person.

For this reason, the creation of a wide bicycle mayor network around the world and a proposal as the Bicycle Mayorsthat we are announcing today.

What’s the role?

They are individuals who help coordinate between the public and private entities by supporting social initiatives, developing a cycling culture and inspiring cities to choose the bicycle as a means of transport. Thanks to their communication and as cycling “influencers”, their communication and research allows them to create incentive programs and network building.

Among other cities, the figure of Jaime Novo, bicycle mayor of Madrid, also stands out.

! If you are really a urban cyclist and passionate about making your city more Cycling Friendly, get ready and become the first bicycle mayor of your city!

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