The Cycling Friendly Mobility Goal

Why Cycling Friendly Mobility? What’s the goal? Why Sustainable Mobility? Why cycling?

The answer to these questions is clear; the planet is reaching its limit. Global warmingis constant and has even accelerated over the past decade The loss of biodiversity has been precipitated and we have reached the limit of natural overcapacity.

Take urgent steps to reverse the situation! Reducing the ecological footprint and a CO2 neutral society is essential. If possible, before the target date of the European Union, in 2050.

It’s up to us to act. It’s in our hands and Cycling Friendly Mobility is our way of doing it. Because reversing the consequences of unsustainable mobility is essential: pollution, climate change, public health, energy inefficiency, congestion, loss of time, land use. Without forgetting the noise, accidents, social exclusion and loss of competitiveness.

We are entitled to sustainable mobility and the duty to do so. It is no longer an option, it is an absolute necessity.

And sustainable mobility on the bike is the perfect tool. The only CO2 emissions-free mobility. Sustainable, ecological and the most efficient in our cities.

Cycling Friendly Mobility – Sustainable Mobility

This is the goal of Cycling Friendly Mobility. The company’s raison d’être, the energy that makes us ride for a more sustainable planet.

We want to change the world through cycling, fighting climate change and pollution, and make cities to friendlier, healthier and liveable places. In the end, a more sustainable world with an impact on the mobility model. A lot for us and future generations.

benefits of cycling

We provide tailored sustainable mobility plans and solutions by bicycle to companies and institutions.

All our actions are aimed at the well-being of the citizen; friendlier and healthier cities, the physical and emotional well-being of the inhabitants, environmentally conscious companies, responsible and sustainable tourism,…. actions and challenges endorsed in the Sustainable Development Goals under the United Nations 2030 Agenda.

Take the change joining the Cycling Friendly Mobility movement!

Now is the time!

Ready to ride together against climate change?



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