The Tour de France as inspiration for sustainable mobility

Under the banner “Riding into the Future” (translated into English as <{{{wpml_tag_1}}}>), the Tour de France aims to inspire everyone to integrate cycling into their lives by making a full commitment to cycling mobility.

This initiative aims to generate a positive impact by encouraging everyone (tour followers or not) to incorporate cycling into their daily lives. In fact, in France, 60% of commuting is less than 5 km, but only 4% is made by bicycle.

With the Riding into the Future programme, the Tour de France presents a concrete commitment through three campaigns:

  • “Cycle City, Tour de France”. Recognizing communities committed to cycling by awarding a seal of approval to cycling cities and municipalities that promote initiatives in favor of daily bicycle use, also known as “municipalities on wheels”.
  • “Small bikes”. Promoting the introduction of children to cycling.
  • “A bike for everyone”. Aiming to change the daily lives of disadvantaged people.

Beyond the positive impact achieved through this programme, the Tour de France has been committed for a decade to moving towards a more eco-responsible organisation by achieving social and environmental goals such as: reducing the environmental footprint by facilitating the collection and classification of waste generated along the route or by using 100% electric vehicles; encourage the public to cycle the next route of the Tour de France or raising awareness among cyclists about good behaviour on the road.

And you, are you a Tour de France follower? Were you aware of these initiatives? ¡Glance over!


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