Time saving estimation and live longer cycling

Wish to live longer? Cycling you can do it, and in this post we help you to work it out.

With surprising results. Ready to go to work cycling? Soon you’ll be! Inform your company about the sustainable mobility plans of Cycling Friendly Mobility.

Click on the following link to access your score.

Car vs. Bike Calculator

Remember all the benefits of cycling for your physicaland mental health.

Some of the most importantare the following:

  1. Oxygenation of the brain and fights stress: a key point of health, we live to enjoy and the bicycle gives us the natural anti-stress effect we need.
  2. Strengthens and tones the back: By adopting a good position on the bike, we strengthen both the back and the lumbar muscles.
  3. Achieving a strong anaerobic and aerobic threshold, which equates to a stronger heart.
  4. Efficient immune system
  5. Healthy and resistant joints
  6. Say Good-bye to cellulite and tone your legs!
  7. Economical savings and environmental improvement

And now that you know how long your life expectancy could increase, in addition to the environmental benefits … Ready to cycle to work?

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