Top 10: Ranking Spanish cities for sustainable mobility

Promoting mobilitythat gives priority to people on foot, by bicycle or by public transport and avoids motorized traffic as much as possible, were the axes on which Greenpeace decided to evaluate the degree of sustainability of the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMP) in 2019.

Ranking of Spanish cities for sustainable mobility.

The goal was to evaluate the commitment of municipalities through their different SUMPs and to compare the state of mobility in those cities through a range of indicators:


The evaluated indicators were grouped by category based on their importance to sustainable mobility in each of the cities studied.

These are the results on 10 points that make up the Top 10 of Spanish cities in sustainable mobility:


Bilbao leads this ranking based on its commitment to sustainable mobility. Joined by Valencia, which is increasingly committed to the most sustainable vehicles, such as cycling, and Barcelona.

Like Valencia or Barcelona, Seville obtains this qualification thanks to its policies of pedestrian mobility, cycling and public transport.

As for Madrid, and despite policies to improve air quality and reduce environmental pollution, the capital’s mobility problems mean that it is not ranked among the top positions.

Zaragoza or Malaga are in a positive movement, despite being far away from a truly sustainable model.

The following cities close the rankings but fail to meet approval in their result rating:

  • Murcia, with a wide spread between the city centers and an even greater car use,
  • Pamplona, with a growing and worrying reliance on motorized vehicles, but with the advantage of being a pedestrian-friendly city.
  • Palma, which despite a positive trend in the mobility modal distribution. Still has a high degree of motorization due to tourist pressure.

Hoping new measures will help to improve the score of these and other cities!!

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