Types of cargo bikes: sustainable distribution solutions.

The “boom” in e-commerce is forcing us to rethink more sustainable mobility solutions and adapt to the new reality of last mile distribution for online commerce. And cargo bikes and their different types are a perfect solution.

Courier companies must gradually replace large tonnage and motorized vehicles with major efficient and ecological alternatives.

Of particular benefit, cargo bikes, especially e-bikes, with power assistance, make it possible to move considerable volumes and loads.

They can gradually replace some of the vans and trucks, saving tons of CO2 emissions, reducing traffic and increasing public space.

Already very traditional in other countries, such as the Netherlands, the cargo bikes are gradually gaining weight among distribution and logistics companies that have stadely to adapt to the regulations to reduce pollution.

In Spain, there are already several companies that have included cargo bikes in this last mile distribution.


Front loading

Rear loading bikes

E-bikes. Powered assisted bikes

Cargo tricycle

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