Vehicles to promote sustainable mobility

There is a wide range of vehicles to promote more sustainable mobility, environmentally conscious and helping to reduce CO2 emissions.

Here we propose several alternatives:


The only vehicle without CO2 emissions is without a doubt one of the keys to the future mobility … and the present. The bicycle is not only sustainable, but also healthy, contributing to improve the health of those who use it. In addition, it is comfortable, efficient and economical.


Undoubtely a major boom in recent years. With all the advantages of the bicycle, a larger group of users can be reached with the electric power assistance, and a perfect alternative in environments with a complicated orography.

Electric car

The fleet is undergoing a gradual transformation towards more sustainable modes, and the electric car also plays a key role in this process. More and more companies and individuals are opting for this solution.


There are also more and more alternatives on the electric motorcycle market. Traffic restrictions and complications in major cities make this vehicle an increasingly used option.


Discover the full range in our post about Personal Mobility Vehicles. With the e-scooter as the main reference, they are undoubtedly vehicles that will remain in the mobility of cities.


However it’s not a type of vehicle, it is important to highlight this other alternative to promote more sustainable transport. The concept is to increase the efficiency of the car and reduce the time without use.


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