Washing station: an ideal urban solution for bicycle maintenance

One of the eligible actions within the resilience funds focused on sustainable mobility and financed by the Next Generation EU Funds are cleaning stations.

To do this, we are introducing you to one of our flagship products, which has already been installed in various parts of the peninsula: the urban washing station.

Every cyclist who wants to enjoy their cycling route, whether in the city or in the countryside, wants to cycle on a clean bike.

For this reason, urban washing stations are having great success both among the institutions and among the users themselves.

Why is it interesting to own an urban bicycle washing station?

  • An attractive design and a useful solution for citizens; allowing the number of bicycle users to increase thanks to the washing infrastructure.
  • It can be networked with other mobility solutions and connect in a single space with bike tools and bike parking facilities, close to bike lanes.

What are we talking about?

The BiciCleaner is a washing station developed taking into account the needs of every type of cyclist. A quick and easy-to-use washing station.

Prepared for washing at low pressure in order not to damage the bike components.

Its dimensions are as follows: 65 x 206 x 110 cm and a weight of 115 kg.

What are the advantages of a bike washing station?

  • It can be installed both indoors and outdoors.
  • It is connected to the drainage network.
  • Low pressure washing.
  • It promotes cycling and its maintenance.

What is Bicicleaner made of?

  • Brush to clean dirt between wheels and components.
  • Corner brush
  • Brush for frames, spokes and discs
  • Claw-shaped brush for chains, cassettes and details.

In addition, Bicicleaner can operate with payment methods: it can be free but also via payment by coins, card or through a mobile app.


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