What better way than cycling to lower the nougat!

Cycling slims, among other benefits. Do you need more reasons to park the car?

Go on with the New Year’s goals, and this time the best ones. Improving our health? Reduce weight? Improving our heart function? Our resistance? Strengthen our immune system? Improving our muscles and joints. Everything on your list?

If you want to ditch the nougat and possible Christmas excesses, it is a great option to get into the habit of cycling. According to a study from the University of Glasgow, which indicates up to 46% reduction due to strengthening the cardiovascular system.

The calorie output of physical exercise are subject to several variables such as age, weight, amount of effort, time, etc. As a reference, cyclingon flat terrain, at a speed between 20 and 25 km / h, allows to burn from 120 to 150 kcal per 15 minutes, in a person with an average weight of about 70 kg. With this simple calculator, you calculate the caloric output of your bike ride

Cycling slims. But that’s just one of the many benefits of daily bicycle transport. Do you know how long you would live longer thanks to cycling? Do you want to find out more?

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