What do those who cycle to work request companies?

Commuting cycling to work is not only a matter of individual will: it requires companies and institutions to take courageous actions.

We have repeatedly discussed the benefits of cycling, whether in terms of health criteria, environmental footprint or the economic savings for people.

However, for this habit to be worldwide, it is necessary to implement a structural plan involving both public and private entities.

Last January, we launched the #EnBiciAlTrabajo campaign with the goal of promoting the use of the bicycle as a means of transport to commute to work.

A recent research by Biernat et al, (2020) analyzed the main barriers employees encountered when commuting by bicycle as a means of transport to their workplace in Poland.

According to the data of the research, from the public survey by the Polish Ministry of Sports and Tourism:

  • 9.9% of Poles use the bicycle several times a week to commute to work.
  • Most of them to maintain their physical condition or for environmental reasons.
  • More than 66.7% of those surveyed believed that public infrastructure did not ease bicycle transport.
  • Up to 49.5% of those surveyed believed that their workplace infrastructure was rather lacking to ease the use of bicycles in the company.
  • More than half of those surveyed indicated that their company did not have bike parking facilities and more than 75% felt that the space available was insufficient.
  • 44% of those surveyed considered changersor locker rooms to be lacking
  • 22% indicate that the lack of showersin their company is an important handicap.

These data are evidence of the importance of having an appropriate infrastructure plan in place to promote cycling among its employees. Nor miracles are being asked.

In Cycling Friendly Mobility we help companies to develop tailored sustainable mobility plans, adapted to the needs of their work team.

Do you want your company to help its employees to commute to#EnBiciAlTrabajo? Contact us and we are at your disposal to achieve the sustainable mobility goals together.

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