WHOrecommends cycling to combine physical activity and leisure time on all kinds of displacements of the population.

The health crisis of COVID19 brings us new agreements between different organizations, but one of the most popular is that of IOC and WHO to promote sport and physical activity. Both organizations will contribute to the prevention of Noncommunicable Diseases (NCDs).

IOC calls on all governments of the world to consider sportsas one of the main pillars in their post-COVID19 policies.

“Sport can save lives” is the phrase the WHO and IOC encourage to work together to empower societies both physically and psychologically.

There is a fight against the physical inactivity of society; diseases such as diabetes, obesity, etc … cause millions of deaths worldwide every year; healthy lifestyles and grassroots sports activities will also be promoted around the world.

It focusses on five key objectivesto achieve all these processes:

  1. Joint support for communication and promotion of health and physical activity.
  2. Political alignment to strengthen NCD prevention and healthier lifestyles through sports.
  3. Strengthen health coaching and legacy of the Olympic Games.
  4. Health promotion, politics and activity through the Olympic Movement.
  5. Prevention in NCDs and promotion of physical activity in the health and sports sector.

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