Why encourage children to use the school cycle lane?

The School Lane aims to create a safe, sustainable, healthy and independent school route. Walking, cycling or public urban transport.

Cycling is a fun and active way to commute to school. When children learn to ride a bicycle, they should consider it not only a leisure and recreation activity, but also a daily commute routine.

It is the basis of a healthy and sustainable cycling culture. Most children enjoy riding a bike!

If parents and children were to cycle in the morning rush hour of their daily activity, there would be less traffic congestion from the early morning and probably less moody adults.

Cycling instead of driving benefits safer, more sustainable and nicer neighborhoods for all citizens.

The # RevueltaEscolar initiative of several family associations is organizing cutbacks on car traffic at school exits and demanding more pacification and less pollution.

But what are the reasons for taking children to school with the private vehicle?

The feeling of insecurity that bicycle use creates in parents, seeing it as a vulnerable and dangerous mode of transport for their children.

For these reasons, bicycle use in schools should be encouraged to raise awareness among teachers, students and parents. This is the case with the School Bike Lane or Vic’s bicycle bus

School Lanes projects should be an educational resource

This is achieved through programs, such as the EuropeanSTARS, which promote active journeys by bicycle and on foot, with simple initiatives, such as encouraging one day a week to go to school in a sustainable way. These actions will make people aware of the benefits of cycling to school.

To make this work, schools must provide:

  • Safe bike parking facilities.
  • Showers.
  • Lockers
  • Changing rooms.

They should also help children and parents find the safest routes for more sustainable school commuting, and even encourage children by rewarding those who cycle to school more often.

With the commitment and involvement of educational centers in good efforts to promote cycling, raise awareness of the healthy habits that contribute to sustainable exercise. But this effort also depends on the support of families, teachers, students and the guidelines of the centers.

Education in sustainable mobility ensures the more sustainable generations of tomorrow. It is the strengthof the School Cycling Laneprojects.

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