Why not cycling to work?

The bicycle is considered one of the greatest inventions in history and also the most environmentally-friendly to move around.

However, there are many excuses, too often used, to avoid cycling, be it commuting to work, running errands, or getting in shape.

In 1966 the Dutchman Rudi Herzog cycled to work every morning. Rain, snow or wind, he always took his children to school by bicycle before going to work.

Fortunately, Rudi’s example has held up over time, but perhaps not as much as you might expect, and this is partly due to justifications that can be a little trippy at times. Here we show you 5:

1- I’m in a hurry and I go faster by car!.

Get used to it: we are all aware of how difficult rush hour traffic is. It is very likely that it will take longer if we have to stand the traffic jams and play to park the car. In fact, there are many studies that have already confirmed that cycling in cities with higher traffic density takes less time if they have good infrastructure. Another option is to combine public transport and the bicycle to save a little more time.

2- Nothing happens for a day without cycling.

Force yourself: and invest in physical and mental health. Be constant, once you create the habit, it will always get easier for you.

3-I don’t want to make big sound.

Update yourself:There are too many clichés about whether cycling is hipsteror modern. Let’s grow up, we need to learn to separate a fashion trend from one of the most practical and useful inventions to create a more sustainable society.

4- It’s raining.

You run out of arguments! Be equipped: We are just one click away from choosing that waterproof or windbreaker jacket that will save us from any trouble in a changing climate, so if it rains, it’s time to stop. We offer a wide range of cycling equipment to protect, warm us and to cycle in optimal conditions.

5- It’s cold/ hot.

We have a favourable climate. Benefit from it: Countries like the Netherlands have much more changing climates and weather conditions and yet the bicycle is much more integrated into their society. We need to take advantage of the benefits and weather facilities and dive deeper into cycling culture, both for our daily rides and to get in shape.


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