Your Sustainable Mobility audit gift

Sustainable Mobility moment. Now it is time for Christmas greetings and presents. Our gift is a free sustainable mobility audit for your organization.

We know it’s being a very complicated year, the health crisis caused by the Coronavirus, the economic and social crisis, the GDP decrease, the increase in unemployment, major restrictions on our mobility, etc. And it’s not the end. Unfortunately, global warming is a much bigger threat than COVID-19.

But we have to look ahead and be positive. It’s Christmas. They are special dates, meetings (even if they are virtual), the best intentions and gifts. And ours are very clear; We want to keep working on a better world, where people can live in a friendlier and healthier environment. With respect for the environment that takes care of our battered planet.

We are sure you have very similar goals.

Welcome to the target organizations. We thank you and want to help you to achieve this common goal.

We do this by fighting for a more sustainable mobility model, which is why our Christmas gift is a free mobility consultancy for your organization. A basic mobility study to calculate, among other things, the carbon footprint of commuting, the pollution and the options and improvement goals. A fight for a better world change. For the Corporate Social Responsibility of your organization. For the commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Do not hesitate, request your free sustainable mobility consultancy via this linkand our technical team will contact you as soon as possible to start the audit. Commitment to sustainable mobility by cycling!

The Cycling Friendly Mobility team wishes you A Happy Christmas!


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